STA Primal Cotton Tee

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STA = Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon aka Marine Corps Scout Sniper Platoon origins.

⚡️= A part of the employment symbol for "Sniper" on a map.

STA Primal encompasses breaking the monotonous lifestyle society has deemed as normal and "Chasing Dragons" instead.
“Chasing The Dragon,” is reference to the first time addicts have ever used; but that first high feeling only happens once. Addicts will then spend the rest of their addiction chasing a mythical creature which doesn’t exist. The phrase is interchangeable amongst combat veterans. The problem with that first high in combat is never feeling that euphoric again. Yet, they still attempt to inject themselves into chaos, and that's okay. STA Primal is living anything but normal. Do primal shit & Chase Dragons. STA Primal.

Proceeds will go towards saving Wilsón, a street dog I bonded with on my most recent trip to Guatemala. I'm in the process of doing his paperwork to fly him back to the US. I'm going to fly down to Guatemala, slay some dragons, fly back Wilsón with me, and document the whole thing.


This cotton tee  fits great without being too tight. The sleeves are the perfect length, fitting closely at mid-bicep. This is a great go to t-shirt for a much softer option than other 100% cotton tee2.

Fabric laundered, 4.3 oz. ringspun cotton