Shellback Murder Pajamas

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The Navy has its share of ceremonies and traditions that date back centuries in the western arena of

the globe. The traditions followed by the Navy also find its mention in various mythologies. The

ceremonies are often inspired by folklore and are performed as an act of paying tribute to King

Neptune, the God of Sea. A particular seafaring ceremony is known as the ‘Line-Crossing Ceremony’

which is performed with glory and boisterousness to celebrate the feat of the mariners who have

crossed the Equator for the first time. According to the colloquial terms allotted in the Navy, the

mariners are divided into Shellbacks and Pollywogs

  • Sublimated Mesh Lining making it breathable and light weight
  • Simple embroidery allows you to add your own patches from your gym or academy
  • 350 GSM Pearl weave using premium cotton fabric
  • 10 ounce Cotton Twill pants, double reinforced stitching
  • Direct embroidery on shoulder and pant leg
  • Well built & extremely durable