Soul Armor

Soul Armor Jiu-Jitsu Gis 
Many of us have lost a brother or sister to battle.
We can either let their loss destroy us or we can let their memory motivate us. Allow their memory to to help you live the best life that they cannot. 
The Soul Armor Collection will be a set of two Gis to memorialize your Battle Buddy. 
One  for the void the Fallen have left in us. 
One  to lead us on a path to best honor their memory. 
The Liner for this Gi is composed  of the names of the Warriors that YOU have given us. 
You, the Patriots of our country, will issue the names that are to live in these Gis to be memorialized with other fallen warriors.  
These Gis will be a Constant Reminder for your need to KEEP PUSHING!
Thank you.
Josh and Milt
Liner Creative as of 2/11/21