Chesty Murder Pajamas & The 38th Parallel Back Patch(Preorder Only)

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🎨 Meet Ben Aguirre - The Warrior Artist and Artist for Warriors 🎨 Ben Aguirre is not just an artist; he's a creative force that thrives in the realm of warriors and warriors' artistry. His work embodies the spirit of resilience, honor, and courage.

🛡️ Military Artistry at its Finest 🛡️ A master of his craft, Ben Aguirre brings forth the essence of military artistry like no other. His creations capture the dedication and valor that define true warriors, celebrating their unwavering commitment.

⚔️ Dark Artistry with a Bold Soul ⚔️ Incorporating elements of dark artistry into his pieces, Ben Aguirre's work unveils the mysteries of the warrior's soul. His art delves into the depths of the human experience, unveiling stories that have long been concealed in the shadows.

🥋 Skull and Bones - A Signature Motif 🥋 Ben Aguirre's signature motif, the skull and bones, finds its home in every piece he creates. It symbolizes the fearless nature of warriors and the unbreakable bond they share. With every stroke of his brush, he brings this iconic symbol to life.

🌏 38th Parallel Patch - An Artistic Tribute 🌏 Each Chesty Puller Inspired BJJ Gi includes a special 38th Parallel patch adorned with Ben Aguirre's artwork. This patch pays homage to those who displayed unwavering strength and determination during the Korean War, where the lines of freedom and bravery were drawn.

Our Chesty Puller Inspired BJJ Gi is not just a martial arts uniform; it's a canvas of inspiration, a testament to the warrior spirit, and a collector's piece of Ben Aguirre's extraordinary creations.

Gear up in this unique masterpiece, and let the spirit of warriors past and present guide your journey on the mat. It's more than a Gi; it's a work of artistry that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of the warrior within you.

This is a Preorder Item Only.   Please Allow 4-6 weeks timeframe from order date to shipping time frame.

  • Sublimated Mesh Lining making it breathable and light weight
  • Simple embroidery allows you to add your own patches from your gym or academy
  • 350 GSM Pearl weave using premium cotton fabric
  • 10 ounce Cotton Twill pants, double reinforced stitching
  • Direct embroidery on shoulder and pant leg
  • Well built & extremely durable